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Leading organizations through CRISIS, RISK, and RESILIENCE.

Kuhr Group LLC is a unique, results driven crisis management consultancy. We bring extensive real-world crisis leadership and emergency management experience to you at your greatest time of need.

Our Services


Core Services

Crisis Management

A resilient organization confronts emergencies and critical incidents through a well-thought-out and organized approach.

Risk Comprehension

Understanding risk begins with an honest and candid identification of threats and vulnerabilities that may confront an organization.


Crisis-resilient organizations operate under a leadership philosophy that empowers the lifecycle of a Crisis-Risk-Resilience program.

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  • Threat Intelligence and Management

  • Threat/Risk Analysis and Comprehension

  • Security Assessments and Program

  • Active Shooter/Violent Incident Training

  • Workplace Violence Program

  • Exercise Design, Execution, and Analysis

  • Crisis Management Program

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Enterprise Crisis Management

  • Enterprise Command Center Leadership

  • Crisis Communications

  • Government and External Affairs

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